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Natalie's Mediterranean Eatery

"Where Everything Is Homemade"


Catering Menu
Must give us 36-48 hour notice for catering order

Lunch Platters

Mini Wrap Combo

(minimum 10 people) 9.99 per person

Choose from any of our Chicken, Beef, or Vegetarian Wraps

and One Side: Rice, Greek Salad, or Cup of Soup

Mixed Wrap Platter

(Feeds 15-20 People)  119.99 (5.00-7.00 per person)

Choose 10 of our Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian Wraps

and a Small Tray or Hummus with pita for dipping

Lunch Buffet

(minimum 15 people) 13.99 per person

Choose 2 Meats: Chicken Kabobs, Beef Kabobs, or Kafta Kabobs

Choose 2 Sides: Hummus, Tabouli, Baba Ghanoush, and Rice

Includes Large Tray of Greek Salad and Pita

Planning a Party ?or Just Going to a party , and you have to pick something up? Let us help!!!!

Party Platters

Appetizer Platter #1

Dozen Falafel

4 Spanikopitas

Quart Tabouli

Quart Hummus


Appetizer Platter #2

4 Spanikopita

Dozen Grape Leaves

Quart Tabouli

Quart Hummus


Greek Combo

Large Tray Greek Salad

14 Skewers of Chicken or Beef

14 Mini Spanakopita

Greek Dressing on the Side


Mediterranean Feast

Small Tray Tabouli

Small Tray Hummus

2 Dozen Falafel

8 Mini Spanikopita

(Pita Included)



Baklava Tray


Rice Pudding Tray



                           Quarts         Small Tray          Large Tray

Tabouli              20                    40                         70

Fattoush                                    40                         70

Greek                                        30                        60


Hummus           20                     40                        70

Baba                  25                     50                        80

Spanikopita                                 50                        80

       Single Falafel                         50 for $50        100 for $100

Must give us 36-48 hour notice for catering orders


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